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The International Furniture Rental Association is the only trade association exclusively serving the furniture rental industry. Members include most of the leading companies engaged in the rental of home and/or office furnishings and accessories. Membership is open to any company in the industry interested in the betterment of industry practices and principles. All applicants for regular membership must meet the following requirements.


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What is IFRA?
The International Furniture Rental Association (IFRA) is a non-profit trade organization founded in 1967 by a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs like yourself who recognized that furniture rental is a sophisticated concept requiring special marketing approaches and management skills. They formed the association to help advance and protect the furniture rental concept.

Today, comprised of some of the most successful furniture lessors in the business, IFRA offers a wide range of member programs and benefits.

Associate Membership is available to those individuals or companies which supply products and services to members.

IFRA is the only industry association devoted exclusively to furniture rental and leasing.

How can IFRA help you?
By joining IFRA you will associate with furniture rental professionals who have already solved many of the problems you now face. At every meeting you will hear from a member who has solved a problem, developed a short-cut, or found a better way to get the job done. You will be able to exchange problem-solving techniques and marketing tips and gain practical insights into more profitable operation of your business. Between meetings, the IFRA Executive Office keeps you well informed via a variety of communications, and you will be able to personally contact other members for information and assistance.

What can you expect from your membership?
Government Relations:
Through its Washington legislative office, IFRA acts vigorously on a year- round basis to inform Congress and the executive agencies of the association's position on issues affecting the furniture rental industry. Our success in this area has resulted in substantial dollar savings for all furniture rental companies.

Regulation Compliance Guides: Whenever the government adopts new regulations that affect furniture lessors, IFRA issues a report that helps unravel the verbal mysteries and informs members how the rules affect them - in dollars and cents, in "do's and don'ts." These reports are updated as necessary.

IFRA Newsletter: IFRA publishes its own newsletter reporting on association and furniture rental industry issues and activities.

Annual Convention: Our Annual Convention & Industry Expo contains two and a half days of formal programming designed to increase the members' knowledge of timely and important topics germane to their business. The convention also provides an opportunity for the free interchange of information among members in an informal setting such as cocktail parties, banquets and other social activities which play an important role in our meeting. In addition, the Industry Expo affords attendees an opportunity to see the latest lines offered by Associate Members in a "mini-market" setting.

IFRA Membership/Referral Directory: All IFRA members receive a comprehensive membership directory which lists their companies alphabetically and geographically by city and state, showing the headquarters office and branch showrooms of each. The Directory also contains the names, titles and phone numbers of all key personnel at the main location. Associate Member companies are listed separately, along with the products and services offered by each. The Directory is an invaluable aid in contacting or referring business to other members, and vice versa.

How do you join?
Simple, after reviewing the enclosed qualifications for membership, merely complete and return the accompanying membership application along with the $200 initiation fee. Once you are elected to membership, we will invoice your annual dues based on the enclosed schedule. The IFRA fiscal year is April 1- March 31.

Voting Member Dues & Fees Schedule

Annual Membership Investment

1 Showroom - $ 365

2 - 5 Showrooms - $ 515

6 - 11 Showrooms - $ 725

12 - 20 Showrooms - $ 1,085

Over 20 Showrooms - $ 1,450

Annual Showroom Investment

1 Showroom - $ 0

2 - 5 Showrooms - $ 225*

6 - 20 Showrooms - $ 195*

21 - 80 Showrooms - $ 160*

Over 80 Showrooms - $ 116*

Government Relations Fund - $ 106*

* Per Showroom


It's not an expense . . . It's an investment!

To the membership application . . .

For additional information contact:

International Furniture Rental Association, Inc.
c/o Alston & Bird LLP
Attn: Bill Anaya, Executive Director
950 F Street, NW
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 239-3818
(202) 654/4818 (Fax)


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