International Furniture Rental Association

Application for Voting Membership

1. Company Name

Street Address

3. City, State, Zip Code

4. Telephone Number____________________________ Fax Number ______________________

5. Primary Representative ______________________________________ Title _______________

(designated as applicant's representative to receive mailings and participate in IFRA activities)

6. Type of Business: []Corporation...... []Partnership.......[]Proprietorship

7. Names of Principals:

A. __________________________________________________ Amount of ownership______%

B. __________________________________________________ Amount of ownership______%

C. __________________________________________________ Amount of ownership______%

8. How long in the furniture rental/leasing business

A. _________ % of total revenue from furniture rental, leasing and sales.

B. _________ % of total revenue from appliance rental, leasing and sales.

C. _________ % of total revenue from other sources. Explain: ___________________________________

A. _________ Current number of apartment furniture rental agreements.

B. _________ Current number of appliance and/or television rental agreements.

C. _________ Current number of office furniture rental agreements.

D. _________ Current number of other types of rental agreements. Explain: ________________________

11. Nature of business applicant engaged in before entering into furniture rental business:

12. Square footage area devoted exclusively to furniture rental/leasing:

Warehouse only ___________ Showroom only ___________ Total ___________

13. How many showroom locations does applicant have: ___________

Are you in the yellow pages? ___________ What directories? ___________

Percent of units rented/leased presently to individuals ___________

Percent of units rented/leased presently to apartment owners ___________

Percent of units rented/leased to offices ___________

16. Population of area you serve (approximate) __________________ Radius in miles _________

17. With whom do you bank:

Bank Name _________________________________ Branch _____________________________

Branch Address

Branch Contact _____________________________ Branch phone number __________________

18. Rated in Lyons ____________________ and/or Dunn and Bradstreet ____________________

19. Please list three or more business references, including at least two past or present suppliers:

List Company Name, Address, Products Purchased


20. Have you ever been found to have engaged in practices in violation of the law by the Federal Trade Commission, state or local law enforcement authorities? _________
If answer is yes, please attach copies of all orders issued against you by the FTC, state or local agency involved.

21. Have you ever entered into consent or other formal voluntary agreements covering your business practices with the FTC, state or local authorities? _________

22. Please attach copies of your standard lease or rental agreement, yellow pages advertisements, promotional materials, and other advertising currently in use by your company.

I hereby agree to a personal visit by a member of the IFRA for the purpose of reviewing my application and reporting thereon to the IFRA membership committee.

Authorized Signature__________________________________________________



Mail completed application to: IFRA,
c/o Alston & Bird LLP
Attn: Bill Anaya, Executive Director
950 F Street, NW
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 239-3818
(202) 654/4818 (Fax)
IMPORTANT! Check for $200 initiation fee must accompany application

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